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    An Art studio offering Day and Residential Adult and Young Adult programmes to bring out the artist in you. Located in the heart of beautiful Dingle.

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    Learn about yourself. Unlock your creative gifts by learning through art and the joy of painting.

    Dingle Art School - founded by Anne Lundon in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

    Dingle Art School was founded by Anne Lundon. Anne was trained by Rod Moore and is a certified Art Tutor. She came back to Dingle from France to set up an art school to help others find the joy that she got from painting using a structured approach. I am lucky to be able to teach beginners who like me had a dream of learning to paint. I use a simple and easy to follow method. So now it could be your turn!

    My classes are fun and extremely informative

    One of my first timers from last night's class at the Station House , Blennerville called today and said “ I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could achieve the results that I did. The class has given me so much confidence”

    This is the joy that Art can bring. Equally this really encourages me to share it.

    Granted, within each of those steps there is a lot to learn, but the five stages give a framework to follow. A blueprint if you will. A roadmap to take you from blank canvas to finished piece. The five steps made logical sense to beginners and they find it really easy to follow along as the framework is in their minds to give some structure to the painting process.


    Exciting part  

    You do not need to be a great drawer to complete this stage. Yay! I almost stopped my pursuit of painting because I couldn’t draw well


    At Dingle Art School you will be able to create your own complete painting in our very first day of lessons. We will teach you a range of different techniques so that you will leave us with a new life long skill. Our studio is bright and comfortable with beautiful music with which to relax, soothe and inspire.


  • Workshops & Programmes

    Explore the artist in you. Even if you're never painted, this is where it starts. We'll get you going in no time and you'll have fun too.

    Day art courses at Dingle Art School

    Day Courses

    The Day course runs the 1st Saturday of every month. Starting at 10am with a break for lunch,All materials are supplied. Just bring yourself. We finish at 4pm and you will bring home a beautiful piece of art.

    One of my first timers from December’s class called today and said "I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could achieve the results that I did. The class has given me so much confidence” Jacinta

    Residential Programmes at Dingle Art School

    Residential Programmes

    This programme runs Monday to Thursday. You'll get a four mornings immersed in art, meeting new people, and discovering the creative side of you within in a small group whilst fully in awakening your inner artist. The location of the venue, overlooking stunning Dingle Bay; the comfortable rooms, simply appointed in keeping with the landscape; the peace and serenity that will envelope you while you are here – all will conspire to ensure that you are fully present for the duration of the retreat.

    As well as painting, there are opportunities to explore the wonderful landscape all around; a visit to meet Fungi, our resident dolphin, visit a couple of local galleries, hire and electric bike and take a Slea Head tour as optional activities to choose from in the afternoons !

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    "Spectacular! Cute BnB with spectacular views and incredibly kind people.

    The staff was extremely helpful and kind. Colm had so many helpful suggestions from where to find the best views of Dingle to where to find some amazing food in town. Overall such a great stay!"

    Olivia De Gracia / us

    November 21, 2017

    Residential Programmes at Dingle Art School

    Residential Programmes

  • Create Your Own Memory of Dingle

    For the tourist or visitor, you'll have a great time creating memories in art from your visit to Dingle.

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